Frequently Asked Questions


How do I clean my furniture?

Use a soft Nylon bristle brush and soapy water to deep clean, or soapy water and a washcloth just to wipe it down.  High-pressure washing is also an option, if you're not in the mood to scrub. 

What materials are used to make the furniture? 

It's important to us to use eco-friendly, zero maintenance materials for all of our furniture.  We use a plastic that is actually a full circle recycled product.  Made from #2 plastic that has been broken down and re-formed, even once made into furniture, it can be broken down and reused again. 

The wood grain phenolic we use, is made from numerous sheets of responsibly sourced craft paper.  The sheets are submerged into an epoxy bath, stacked and then pressed with extreme heat and pressure.  This process creates a super rigid material that can actually be used as a steel replacement.

Both materials are UV resistant and waterproof. 

Will I need to assemble the furniture?

All furniture is flat packed to save on shipping materials and costs.  Once the product is received, you will need to assemble it.  Every piece comes with detailed instructions and the tools you will need for assembly.  

How long will it take to get my order?

All furniture is made to order.  Depending on what and how much is ordered, production can take up to 6 weeks.

If just a section of my piece of furniture gets damaged, can I get it replaced?

Yes.  Due to our fastening system and the way our furniture is designed and assembled, it is possible to replace just pieces of it at a time. Dog chew on the leg? Not a problem.  Send us a picture of the damaged part and we will quote you a price to send out a replacement piece.  

I would like a bench, but need it to be a few inches shorter.  Can I get a custom one made?

Yes.  We can adjust any of our existing pieces to fit your space, or make something completely custom for you.  Contact us for pricing on custom order requests. 

I'm moving.  Can I take my furniture apart and put it back together?

It is intended to stay assembled, but yes.  Due to our fastening system and hardware, it is possible to take apart and re-assemble your furniture.

Does this furniture get hot in the sun?

Like anything left in direct sun for long periods of time, our furniture will get quite warm to the touch.  Feel free to place your furniture wherever you'd like, but for maximum comfort we'd recommend the use of a large umbrella or some shade.  

Have a question not addressed here?

Contact us by email at or give us a call at 952-564-1956.  We'd be happy to answer any of your questions, address any of your concerns, or listen to any of your suggestions.