About Us

We started our entrepreneurial journey making handmade acoustic guitars. The idea of starting with a piece of wood and ending up with a beautiful instrument was genuinely captivating. What we didn't like, was the fact that most guitar woods are disappearing, becoming increasingly hard to find due to deforestation all across the planet.

While searching for alternative materials, we came across a paper phenolic that is zero maintenance, extremely durable and responsibly made. While it didn't work for guitar fabrication, its high strength to weight ratio and durable finish made it excellent for the production of outdoor furniture. Hence, 360Five Designs was born.

The name 360Five is derived from two fundamental concepts that we passionately believe in. Firstly, 360 represents the full circle of recycled materials we use in our products. Secondly, our products will last outside and in any environment 365 days a year. Together these ideas define our brand and solidify our objective of being an eco-conscious company that produces practical yet beautiful furnishings.

Today, our small but dynamic team designs, prototypes and builds each and every piece of furniture we offer. It is our greatest passion to provide people with high quality, modern, simply designed, and durable furniture. It is our goal to create furniture that gives everyone a practical and elegant way to "Elevate Your Environment".

Paper Phenolic Panels

Paper Phenolic Panels

High Density Polyethelene 

High Density Polyethelene 


Our Materials

It's important to us to use eco-friendly, zero maintenance materials for all of our furniture.  High density polyethylene panels are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, such as milk jugs, garbage containers, detergent bottles and margarine tubs that have been broken down and re-formed. Even once made into furniture, the plastic can be broken down and reused again. 

The wood grain phenolic we use, is made from numerous sheets of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified craft fiber paper.  The sheets are submerged into an epoxy bath, stacked and pressed together with extreme heat and pressure.  By doing this, it thermally fuses with phenolic resins to form a high strength solid panel that is resistant to burning and does not emit formaldehyde. It can even be used as a steel replacement. 

Both materials are made in the USA and are so durable that a light scrub with some soap and water is all our furniture will ever need.